Google官方不甘寂寞!Chrome OS频繁在Chromium中现身

Posted by Eyon on August 21, 2009

自Google宣布他们即将开发自己的操作系统Chrome OS以来,互联网上关于Chrome OS的真新闻、假新闻频频爆出,给无数Google爱好者在期待之中增添一丝激情。然而,从最近两天Chromium的开发进度上来看,Chrome OS已经正式开始拉开序幕了,最近几个版本的Chromium浏览器中,处处可见Chrome OS的身影,看来Google官方也不甘寂寞了。

首先,在Build 23939和在For Linux的Chromium Build 23938的Changelog中,出现了这样的更新信息:

[Chrome OS] Adds support for injecting Corp cookies at startup

To support single-sign-on for** Chrome OS**, we need a way to inject cookies into Chrome. In the case of session cookies, putting them into Chrome’s cookie jar DB doesn’t work. This CL adds a command line flag that tells chrome the name of a Unix pipe to open, from which it can read said cookies.

Eventually, I want to replace this pipe-reading with an appropriate usage of DBus, but **Chrome OS **isn’t there yet. This CL adds the appropriate infrastructure, though, and the PipeReader class can later be replaced with something that pulls the cookies off DBus instead.


#if defined(OS_CHROMEOS) // The name of the pipe over which the Chrome OS login manager will send // single-sign-on cookies. const wchar_t kCookiePipe[] = L”cookie-pipe”; #endif

随着时间的推移,相信我们将会看到更多的Chrome OS信息表现到Chromium或者Chrome的代码甚至浏览器中,下一次再看见这些词汇 ,就已经不是新闻了。